16 db Earmuffs – PTA350

Earmuffs used in various activities to protect the wearer from excessive noise that can be encountered in metalwork shops, industries, constructions and other similar activities.

The 16 db shell-type earmuffs have half stems so it can be adjusted to the Safety Helmet.

The earmuffs were developed as a high quality,comfortable PPE with high protection. The earmuffs have cushions for perfect soundproof standards. They can be adjusted through the pin on the earmuffs.


-It must be used following the awareness and approval of the Hygiene department, Safety and occupational healthcare or the managers of the company.

– The product is a PPE therefore it is personal and non-transferable


16 db shell-type safety auricular earmuffs with stem.

The earmuffs have an outer foam for better comfort and adjustment for the wearer´s ears.


Certificate of Approval nº 28.007.

The product was developed and approved following ANSI S12.6 – 2016 – B Method

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