About us

Sayro is a leading company in the forest sector, with more than 25 years of experience. Our wide portfolio of products is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements of the national market in terms of safety, following the standards and regulations of the Ministry of Labor.

Our products are manufactured with high quality standards, guaranteeing durability and efficiency. They are specially developed to protect workers exposed to risks, providing comprehensive protection for hearing, face, hands and legs.

Quality is a fundamental priority for us. For this reason, we implement rigorous controls at all stages of our production process, from the meticulous selection of raw materials to the final inspection of two products. We have a highly trained team and use modern machinery to guarantee excellence in our manufacturing process. This is why our products are recognized as synonymous with safety and high quality, providing comfort and tranquility to our users.

As a market leader, Sayro offers a wide variety of products to meet the demands of the various sectors in which we operate. We are constantly striving to offer an exceptional service to our customers, or that we become a trusted brand and approved by large companies.

Our company is committed to quality, safety, innovation and, above all, ethics and responsibility. We are not limited to just selling products, but we seek to build solid business partnerships, aiming to fully meet the needs of our customers, providing comprehensive and effective solutions.

We invite you to explore our site and discover how Sayro can contribute to the safety and protection of your business. Contact me and let us be your trusted partner in your search for high quality solutions.

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