Semi facial disposable Respirator Mask PFF1

The product was made to protect the respiratory tracts from dust and mists such as the ones encountered in mineral coal, iron ore, cement, powder, lime, organic dust, textile materials and others.

Safety mask that work against mechanical and termal aerosols, such as dust and mists.It can only be used against solid and liquid particles, don´t wear it in environments with oil mist.

The product is recommended against the following contaminating forms: Organic Dust, such as cotton, sugarcane, wood, cellulose, organic coal, grain and seeds; Mineral Dust, such as cement, mineral coal, tobacco, bauxite, chalk, coke, glass fibre, iron ore, copper and other materials; And inorganic substances aqueous mists.


The nose clip provides better adjustment.

The elastic is adjustable.

The product must be used following the approval and awareness of the Hygiene department, Safety and occupational healthcare or the managers of the company.

It is a PPE therefore it is personal and non-transferable.

Do not wear the mask when in contact with dust and mists that are 5 times more concentrated and with less than 0,05mg/m³ of exposure.


Purifying respirator, half mask design, particle filter , PFF1 (S) Category. Folding design


Certificate of approval  nº 39.641.

Approved following NBR 13697/2010, ABNT NBR 13698:2011.

Certified PPE INMETRO ( National Institute of Metrology Standardization and Industrial Quality)

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