SLOT – Holders for Earmuffs and Face Shields

Sayro´s holder for earmuffs and face shield is used to attach Sayro´s face shield and/or shell-type earmuffs to the helmet.

The Slot´s box have slits for the helmet´s attachment. The earmuffs are attached through the nails. The face shield is attached to the edge of the ruler and it can be adjusted through the ruler´s movement.


The Slot can be used in any helmet with holes on the sides for attachment.


The Slot contains:

– 01 pair of slot boxes
– 01 pair of rulers
– 01  pair of nail kits
– 01  pair of plastic holders for metal bolts

Made with black nylon.

The ruler is adjustable and is used to adjust the Face shield

The face shields and earmuffs are attached to the slot through nails.

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