Chainsaw Operator Trousers Type A 230° – CPM 3000

Sayro´s safety trousers is recommended for eucalyptus crops, pine crops and other work places that require anti-cutting protection for chainsaw operators.

Sayro´s chainsaw operator trousers were developed following ISO 11.393-2:1999 and is specifically made to protect chainsaw operators against serious injuries.

This PPE was developed to decrease serious injuries caused by chainsaw accidents.

The garment is recommended for chainsaw operators that have completed their training in responsible institutions.

The protection is guarenteed because of the high-tenacity polyester layers that when in direct contact with the chainsaw, blocks the saw, decreasing the chances of injuries on the legs of the chainsaw operator.


The product is used in eucalyptus crops, pine crops and other work places that require the chainsaw.

It provides protection for the wearer´s legs against mechanical agents that are encountered when the chainsaw is used.

It must be used following the approval and awareness of the Hygiene department, Safety and occupational healthcare or the managers of the company.


Safety trousers, elastic and string design for adjustment, made with polyester, 8 high-tenacity polyester underlayers placed in the front part (230° angle) of the wearer´s leg,going from the waist to the ankles, cotton and polyester underlayer.


Certificate of Approval nº 36.600.

Approved following ISO 11.393-2:1999 for 2: 24 m/s.



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