Overalls For Professional Beekeeping – API 500

Beekeeping overalls  designed to protect the user from  bee.

The SAYRO bee protection coverall is carefully developed for the safety of beekeepers without harming the lives of bees. This clothing not only offers professionals personal protection, but also reflects a deep commitment to preserving the beekeeping ecosystem. Choosing SAYRO coveralls means prioritizing personal protection, while demonstrating a deep respect for the importance of bees in nature.


  • As it is PPE, it is for personal use and is non-transferable.
  • Protection is limited to the PPE coverage area.
  • The safety of the user of this clothing must be complemented, according to occupational exposure and activity risk, with the use of other PPE.
  • It must be discarded in case of punctures or damage that makes protection impossible.
  • It must be used with the knowledge and approval of the areas of Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Medicine or those responsible for the company.
  • It must be kept in a cool, clean and dry place, avoiding humidity and exposure to contaminants.
  • It must not come into contact with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents.


  • Made in yellow, it is composed of 2 layers of fabric with free air circulation .
  • The fabric provides comfort and ideal freedom of movement to make tasks easier while working.
  • The hat has an attached chamois for a comfortable fit and a mesh visor that promotes ventilation and facilitates breathing during work.
  • Polypropylene splints to prevent the screen from touching the user’s face.
  • Front zipper closure for easy donning and quick removal.
  • Velcro used to ensure complete closure and sealing of the zipper openings.
  • In addition to protecting against the entry of bees, elastics on the wrists, ankles and back are used for a more precise fit.
  • Drawcords on the cuffs are designed for a secure fit, including a comfortable thumb fit.
  • Straps strategically positioned under the feet prevent the garment from riding up, providing stability during use and ensuring a safer and more comfortable experience.
  • Includes a pocket on the right leg for storing small items during the workday.


– Certificate of approval nº  49396 / 49418.
– BS EN ISO 11611:2015 standard.
– Report nº 14804/23.
– Protection of the user’s skull, neck, trunk, upper limbs and legs against abrasive and abrasive agents.
– PPE not approved for use in welding operations and similar processes. 


S, M, L, XXL and EXL.

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