Safety Gaiter with PVC splints, two buckles, reflector and velcro closure – SRO 275

The  Sayro safety gaiters are designed to protect against injuries, welding and prevent bites from venomous animals in the lower legs. This is essential safety equipment.

Gaiters are essential for protecting users’ legs in challenging environments. SAYRO gaiters offer protection against abrasive, abrasive and thermal agents from welding operations and similar processes, helping to minimize serious injuries. Furthermore, we are the only manufacturer  certified by an accredited laboratory, which has a report proving  its effectiveness in  protecting against poisonous animal bites . Recognized for quality, protection, comfort, durability and preservation of mobility, our leggings provide safety and peace of mind during your workday.


  • As it is PPE, it is for personal use and is non-transferable.
  • Protection is limited to the PPE coverage area.
  • The safety of the user of this clothing must be complemented, according to occupational exposure and activity risk, with the use of other PPE.
  • It must be discarded in case of punctures or damage that makes protection impossible.
  • It must be used with the knowledge and approval of the areas of Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Medicine or those responsible for the company.
  • PPE loses its protective characteristics when the user does not correctly follow the instructions in the manual.
  • It must be kept in a cool, clean and dry place, avoiding humidity and exposure to contaminants.


  • Shin guard made with high quality bidim.
  • Made with two layers of synthetic laminate.
  • Standard coffee brown color.
  • It has 03 PVC splints on the front to minimize impacts.
  • The toe is fixed by electronic welding to protect the metatarsal (instep).
  • It has 2 hook- and-loop fasteners on the sides.
  • It has 2 reflective strips on the sides, electronically welded.
  • The closure at the edges is done using a synthetic material bias.
  • Full velcro closure.


– Certificate of approval nº  14750 .
– ISO 11611:2015 standard.
– Report No. EPI 9024/19.
–  Shin guard  offers protection to the user’s legs against snake bites (venomous animals and snakebites).
– Test carried out by FUNED – Fundação Ezequiel Dias de Belo Horizonte/MG.
– PPE not approved against electrical arcs, sudden fires and fire fighting.



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