Safety Gaiter with Steel Plate, knee pads and velcro closure – SRO 292

The Sayro´s safety gaiters is used in activities such as construction, industry, mining, rural areas, workshops, locksmiths that requires weld protection and where are risks of injuries and venomous animals chopped in the inferior leg area. 

The gaiter offers leg protection against snake bites, venomous animals and opossums. Essay realized by the FUNED – Belo Horizonte´s Ezequiel Dias de Belo Foundation/ MG.
This model has a protection extended to the knee, thus protecting a greater part of the user’s leg. The knee pad has a plastic closure for adjustment on the back of the leg.
The gaiter also offers protection against abrasive, excoriating and thermic agents coming from weld operations and similar process.


– Must be used through the knowledge and approval from the hygiene, Labor Safety or the responsible for the company.
– As is treated as an IPE it´s from personal and non – transfer


Safety Gaiter made in two layers synthetic laminate, standard color, coffee brown, with steel plate in the frontal part and protection in polypropylene in the knee fastened by electronic welding, to relieve minor impacts, the knee pad has adjustable closure behind the leg,attached metatarsal made through electronic welding to protect the foot, the closure on the edges are made through bias strip in synthetic material, velcro closure that makes adjustment and dressing up easier.


– IPE not approved against eletric arch, sudden fire and fire fight.
– Must be descarted in case of drilling or damages that don´t allow the protection conditions.


Ceritificate of approval  nº 14.750

Product developed and approved according to ISO 11611:2007.