Safety Helmet Coupled With 6″ Or 8″ Screen

Class B, type II safety helmet with 6″ or 8″ nylon or steel Face Shield , is designed to protect workers against head impact risks and volatile particles.

Code: 200605 – 6″ inch nylon screen – CPT 006.

Code: 200606 – 8″ inch nylon screen – CPT 008.

The class B, type II protective helmet , with Nylon or Steel mesh, is designed to protect workers against risks of impact to the head and volatile particles. This equipment plays a key role in work environments where objects can fall or collide with workers’ heads, providing an essential layer of protection. Additionally, we have Nylon or Steel mesh, attached to the helmet, offering an additional barrier.


  • As it is PPE, it is for personal use and is non-transferable.
  • It must be used with the knowledge and approval of the areas of Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Medicine or those responsible for the company.
  • Protection is limited to the PPE coverage area and does not offer protection against all risks.
  • It is recommended for chainsaw operators with training and qualifications from a competent body.
  • The safety of the user of this clothing must be complemented, according to occupational exposure and activity risk, with the use of other PPE.
  • It must not come into contact with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents.
  • Do not use for fire fighting or fire penetration activities.
  • It must be kept in a cool, clean and dry place, avoiding humidity and exposure to contaminants.
  • PPE loses its protective characteristics when the user does not correctly follow the instructions in the manual.
  • It must be discarded in case of punctures or damage that makes protection impossible.


  • Safety helmet injected in polyethylene.
  • The hull has a rib and side slots that allow accessories to be attached.
  • The helmet has a plastic suspension fixed to the shell through four fitting slots (holes or points).
  • The chamois and crowns are injected in plastic, ensuring the durability and resistance of the equipment.
  • The size of the chamois is adjustable using a simple mechanism.
  • The chamois has a sweat-absorbing foam strip covered in synthetic material for greater user comfort.
  • The jugular, made from a strip of synthetic fabric, is adjustable and fixed to the chamois, providing a secure fit.
  • Accessory slot designed to fit into the helmet.
  • Allows the attachment of the mesh face shield and/or the shell-type ear protector.
  • Features a pair of rulers to simplify fitting the screen.
  • It allows easy adjustments and can be moved as necessary.
  • It has a metal screw.
  • The helmet visor is an accessory used in work where facial protection against flying particles generated from working with chainsaws is necessary.
  • Analyze the risk and choose the most appropriate screen size for the activity.
  • The helmet face protector consists of a nylon or steel mesh in black.
  • The helmet screen is 6″ or 8″ inches in size.
  • Protector sides are made of polypropylene, providing durability and resistance.
  • The protector has holes at the ends that allow you to easily attach the Slot – Support for Ear and Face Protector.
  • The face shields are securely fixed to the Slot using screws and adjustable rulers that allow precise adjustment of the position of the Screen Face Shield.


– Helmet Approval Certificate nº 12354 .
– Product developed in accordance with the technical standard: ABNT NBR 8221:2003.
– Helmet with protection of the user’s head against impacts of objects on the skull and against electric shocks.
– The mesh face visor, although it helps to reinforce protection, is not classified as PPE, therefore it does not have a Certificate of Approval (CA).
– Slot is not classified as PPE, therefore it does not have a Certificate of Approval (CA).



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