Safety Helmet with attached Earmuffs and 8″ screen – COP 008

Safety chainsaw operator helmet for workers exposed to risks such as skull impacts, excessive noise and flying particles encountered in activities that require chainsaws.

Safety helmet with attached earmuffs and face shield provides multiple protection.

The hull has a cushion, developed to protect the skull from impacts. Suspension, adjustable plastic cushion and a strip that absorbs sweat.

The shell-type earmuffs can be attached using a SLOT- holder for earmuffs and face shields.

It is a PPE developed to provide better comfort and quality. The earmuffs have cushions, providing better protection and soundproof standards.

The earmuffs have a pin for adjustments.

The face shield is an accessory that increases protection, it is not a PPE, therefore it doesn´t have a Certificate of approval.


Attached helmet

– Safety Earmuffs;

– Face shield

Safety auricular earmuffs, reduction of 16 db for safety helmet use. Composed of two shell-type mufflers and adaptor for safety helmets. The earmuffs have an outer foam layer for better comfort and fitting. The earmuffs must be worn with safety helmets that have slots/side slits.

The face shield offers protection against flying particles.The worker must analyze the risk and choose the right screen size for his activity. It is made with a black nylon screen,size 8″, with polypropylene sides.It has holes on the edges to attach the Slot- holders for earplugs and face shields, it comes with a nail kit to attach the face shield.

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