Safety Gaiter with PVC splints, closed with electronic weld – SRO 200

Sayro´s safety gaiter is used in constructions, industries, mining, farming, workshops, metalwork shops where protection for welding is needed and in places where there are risks of injury and poisonous animals attacks on the lower part of the leg.

The gaiter provides  protection against snake bites, poisonous animals and reptiles. Tested by FUNED – Ezequiel Dias Institution in Belo Horizonte/MG.

The gaiter also provides protection against abrasive,galling and thermal agents that comes from welding and other similar activities.


–  It must be used following the awareness and approval of the Hygiene department,Safety and occupational healthcare or managers of the company.

– The product is PPE therefore it is personal and non-transferable


The safety gaiter is made with two layers of synthetic laminate, standard coffee brown colour,with three PVC splints in the front part to reduce smaller impacts, metatarsal attached through electronic welding to protect the foot, the closure on the edges are made with a synthetic bias strip,total electronic welding closure.


-PPE not approved against arc discharge, sudden fire and to control fire.

-It must be disposed once it gets holes or any damage that prevents protection


Ceritificate of approval  nº 11.410.

The product was developed and approved following ISO 11611:2015


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