Safety Helmet Coupled With 16dB Hearing Protector – CPA 350

 Class B, type II  safety helmet with 16 dB Hearing Protection is designed to protect workers against risks of impact to the head and undesirable noise levels.

Code: 200527


The Class B, type II safety helmet, with shell-type noise damper, protects workers against the risk of impact to the head and helps reduce noise exposure to levels below the tolerance limit and action levels. This equipment plays a key role in work environments where objects can fall or collide with workers’ heads, providing an essential layer of protection. In addition, circum-ear hearing protection, attached to the helmet, offering an additional barrier against undesirable noise levels.


  • As it is PPE, it is for personal use and is non-transferable.
  • It must be used with the knowledge and approval of the areas of Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Medicine or those responsible for the company.
  • Protection is limited to the PPE coverage area and does not offer protection against all risks.
  • It is recommended for chainsaw operators with training and qualifications from a competent body.
  • The safety of the user of this clothing must be complemented, according to occupational exposure and activity risk, with the use of other PPE.
  • It must not come into contact with alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents.
  • Do not use for fire fighting or fire penetration activities.
  • It must be kept in a cool, clean and dry place, avoiding humidity and exposure to contaminants.
  • PPE loses its protective characteristics when the user does not correctly follow the instructions in the manual.
  • It must be discarded in case of punctures or damage that makes protection impossible.


  • Safety helmet injected in polyethylene.
  • The hull has a rib and side slots that allow accessories to be attached.
  • The helmet has a plastic suspension fixed to the shell through four fitting slots (holes or points).
  • The chamois and crowns are injected in plastic, ensuring the durability and resistance of the equipment.
  • The size of the chamois is adjustable using a simple mechanism.
  • The chamois has a sweat-absorbing foam strip covered in synthetic material for greater user comfort.
  • The jugular, made from a strip of synthetic fabric, is adjustable and fixed to the chamois, providing a secure fit.
  • Half-rod shell-type hearing protector.
  • 16 decibel attenuation.
  • Consisting of two shell-shaped dampers.
  • They have an adapter that allows fixing using metal screws.
  • The external foam contributes to greater comfort during use.
  • The hearing protector is designed to fit the user’s ears.
  • Must be used with a safety helmet.


– Certificate of Approval nº 28007 / 12354 .
– Product developed in accordance with the technical standard: ABNT NBR 16076:2020 – B / ABNT NBR 8221:2003 .
– Helmet with protection of the user’s head against impacts of objects on the skull and against electric shocks.
– Hearing protector with protection of the user’s auditory system against sound pressure levels higher than those established in NR 15, annexes I and II.
– Hearing protection not recommended for activities with danger of electric shock.



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