Safety Kit – Reaper Operator

The reaper kit is a groundbreaking product that provides security for the worker that can find  PPE´s in a single box.

A variety of certified and approved PPE´s that aims protecting workers.

The safety gaiter provides protection against poisonous animals attacks and snake bites.

The waterproof apron protects the worker from flying particles when managing  the reaper.

Sayro´s Reaper Operator Kit contains:

Safety glasses, transparent, recommended to protect the eyes from flying particles when managing the reaper.

Safety shell-type earmuffs with stem PTA 200, 16 db. The Earmuffs have an outer foam for better comfort and adjustment to the wearer´s ears.

Safety gloves SRO 550, 5 fingers design made with cowhide leather on the palms and fingertips. This design has cowhide leather on the inside aswell. The back and fingers areas are made of nylon and comes with elastic on the centre of the glove for better fit. The wrist is made with different materials for better fit.

The safety apron is made with synthetic materials, synthetic leather padded with PVC on the outer part, it comes with an elastic strip electronically welded along the chest so it can be tied to the neck and two synthetic leather strips electronically welded on both sides of the waist for adjustment.

The safety gaiter SRO 200 is made with two layers of synthetic laminate, standard coffee brown colour,with three PVC splints in the front part to reduce smaller impacts, metatarsal attached through electronic welding to protect the foot, the closure on the edges are made with a synthetic bias strip,total electronic welding closure.

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