Safety Kit – Chainsaw Operator

Sayro is a well known brand when it comes to safety products for workers in the forest sector. The company now brings an option that provides safety and ease to find PPEs to protect chainsaw operators in a single product.

The chainsaw operator kit is a groundbreaking product that aims increasing the number of people protected due to the easy acces to PPE´s

A variety of approved and certified PPE´s aiming the chainsaw operator´s safety.

The helmet provides skull,hearing and facial protection through the attachment of a Slot (holder for earmuffs and face shields).

The gloves and trousers provide protection through a high-tenacity polyester mesh that locks the saw when in direct contact with the chainsaw, protecting the operator´s legs and hands.

The chainsaw operator kit contains:

Safety Helmet, polyethylene injected, rib on the hull and side slit for accesories attachment. It has a plastic suspension attached to the hull through the four fitting spots,hull and crown with plastic injections, size adjustment and sweat absorbing strip made with foam covered with adjustable synthetic material, manufactured with synthetic fiber and attached to the hull.

16 db shell-type half stem safety auricular earmuffs for safety helmet use. Composed of two shell-type mufflers and adaptor for safety helmets. The earmuffs have an outer foam layer for better comfort and adjustment for the wearer´s ears. The earmuffs must be worn with safety helmets that have slots/side slits.

The face shield provides protection against flying particles and the wearer must analyze the risk so the right shield size can be chosen for the activity. The shield is made with black nylon, size 8″, polypropylene sides with holes on the edges for Slot- holder for earmuffs and face shields attachment. The face shield can be attached to the slot with the nail kit that comes with the product.

Slot- holder for earmuffs and face shields is used to attach the face shield and/or shell-type earmuffs to the helmet.Contains:
–  a box
–  a ruler
– nails/screws
– metal bolt
– a metal bolt holder

The product is made with black nylon. It contains an adjustable ruler so the face shield can be adjusted.

Safety gloves,mitten design, two fingers on the left hand side and three fingers on the right hand. The palms and finger areas are made of leather, with attached nylon on the back and 12 high-tenacity polyester layers on the left hand,cotton and polyester underlayer. It has velcro on the wrist for adjustment.

Safety trousers, elastic and string design for adjustment, made with polyester, 8 high-tenacity polyester underlayers placed in the front part (230° angle) of the wearer´s leg,going from the waist to the ankles, cotton and polyester underlayer.

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