Brimmed Sunhat with 6” Screen – BNT 006

The  Arab denim cap with 6″ Sayro fabric is recommended for use in civil construction, farming, mowing services and in places where there is sun exposure and risk of non-cutting flying particles, providing protection for the user’s head and neck.

Code: 23106 – With nylon mesh

The Arab-style cap made of denim offers sun protection for the head and neck, minimizing direct exposure to the sun’s rays . In professions such as agriculture, construction and landscaping, which require exposure to the sun and other environmental elements, this cap plays a crucial role in protecting workers. Furthermore, it is an essential ally for the health and well-being of those who face daily challenges in adverse conditions.


  • As it is PPE, it is for personal use and is non-transferable.
  • Protection is limited to the PPE coverage area.
  • The safety of the user of this clothing must be complemented, according to occupational exposure and activity risk, with the use of other PPE.
  • It must be used with the knowledge and approval of the areas of Hygiene, Safety and Occupational Medicine or those responsible for the company.
  • It must be kept in a cool, clean and dry place, avoiding humidity and exposure to contaminants.


  • Arabic model cap  made from 100% cotton fabric.
  • It has a 30cm visor  to protect the neck and part of the shoulders.
  • The front part has a PVC tip that is lined with the same fabric.
  • Elastic at the back has been added to ensure a personalized fit and provide greater comfort.
  • Includes a nylon or steel facial protection screen attached to the front, fixed using a press button.
  • Available in royal blue, gray, lead, khaki, flag green and orange (check availability).


– Certificate of Approval No.  42.101
– Technical standards: BS EN ISO 11611: 2015.
– No. Report: EPI 14959/23.
– Protection of the user’s skull and neck against abrasive and abrasive agents.
– The screen offers face protection against flying, non-cutting or piercing particles, helping the user to minimize risks during their work activities.



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