Pesticide Pulverization Set Type II – AGR 300

Waterproof Set designed to protect the whole body against chemical products when pulverizing pesticides.

This PPE is commonly used to protect workers against agricultural pesticides.

The waterproof garment was developed to decrease the risks that are present when applying  pesticides.

Pesticides are very common in many parts of the worls, in small farms and bigger agricultural industries, but all of them need a specific,safe garment to apply such products.


– The product must be used following the approval and awareness of the Hygiene department, Safety and occupational healthcare or the managers of the company.

– It is a PPE therefore it is personal and non-transferable

-This apron can be worn and sanitized 33 times.


The set is made with mesh, waterproof material and contains 3 pieces :
– Sunhat;
–  a Shirt;
–  Trousers;

–  Sunhat with PVC front part and blinkers to protect the neck and shoulders, sewed closure below the chin, made of waterproof material.

–  Long sleeve Waterproof shirt with small front opening for better fit and velcro closure.The waist can be adjusted through the strips (string).

-Waterproof Trousers.Dressing up this piece is easy because the waist can be adjusted through the fabric strips.


The  “AGR 300” garment washing cycle is 33 times.

The product was developed and approved following ISO 27065:2017.


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