Safety Apron – AVT 001

Impermeable Apron to protect workers against chemical products encountered in pulverization  fumigation and pesticides activities.

Bagum (Impermeable PVC+polyester material) Apron developed to provide comfort and safety for the wearer. The PPE is worn while managing, transporting and preparing pesticides and can be worn both ways, front and back,according to the worker´s needs.

The pulverization apron is designed in three different colours: grey, yellow and white.


– The product must be used following the approval and awareness of the Hygiene department, Safety and occupational healthcare or the managers of the company.

– It is a PPE therefore it is personal and non-transferable

-This apron can be worn and sanitized 50 times.


The safety apron is made with synthetic material, bagum,padded with PVC on the outer part,it comes with one strap that have the edges electronically welded along the chest and 02 electronically welded bagum straps in each side of the waist for adjustment.


Certificate of Approval nº 32.513.

This product was developed and approved following ISO 27065:2017.

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